Monday, August 4, 2008

Weight Loss, Confidence Gain

This is one of the forums on Beginner Triathlete As I've said before, if you're interested in triathlons, you absolutely MUST get plugged in here. Join a mentor group, a challenge or a weight loss challenge to start "meeting" people and to get great information on the sport.

This is a "before and after" forum, where some of the people on BT posted pics of what they looked like before training for tris and what they look like now.

If you are reading my blog thinking that you're too overweight to ever do a triathlon, let me be clear: No, you are not! If you want it, it's yours. Let these folks on BT inspire you. They certainly have me.

1 comment:

saling4 said...

Too bad about the bike, but I loved the video. Great job Triathlete (and Team Skinny).


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