Monday, May 18, 2009

Half iron distance training - so far

I'm on week four out of 22 of my half iron distance training. The first two weeks went really well. I managed to meet all of my requirements and was having a good time doing so.

Week three came along, and I managed to injure my knees. I attribute this injury to:

1) running slowly to meet the requirements for low RPE runs really messed with my ChiRunning form,
2) running with the dogs, again, messed with said running form,
3) possibly needing a new pair of running shoes as a couple areas of my feet are tender and

4) pushing really, really hard off the pool wall.

So, I've taken the last week off of running and this has helped some in easing the physical pain. It has, however, left me frustrated and a little despondent. Week two of this and I've already got an injury? Yeesh!

Now, the good news. This past weekend, I had an opportunity to take a total break and travel to Erie, PA. I thought traveling would be a nice reprieve from my training blues. I can't run but I can bike, so I loaded-up my two-wheeler into the SUV.

I debated on whether or not to bring it. Would it be too much trouble? Would I have time to ride it? If I had time, would I even ride it?

I am so glad that I brought it along! I had about a 20-mile, relaxing ride on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the beach. It was dead flat and completely enjoyable!

The smell of the water, the slapping of the choppy blue waves, the strong wind off the shoreline and the energy from a couple hundred other bikers and runners really rejuvenated my spirits.

So, I'm back home now. I still think I need to take another week off from running, so I'm going to really focus on the bike and the swim.

Though this injury's slowed me down, I'm still working toward that finish line come September 27.


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