2009 Races

4/17/09 - Miami University Triathlon
Details: First race on my new bike, a Giant OCR1. First indoor pool swim, too. First race of my second season and I was THRILLED to be racing again.

Swim: 12:58/437 yards
Bike: 56:00/12.74 miles
Run: 33:36/3.1 miles

Total: 1h 45m 44s

Overall: 498/588
Age Group: 49/57

Link to my race report

6/27/09 - Tri for the Cure
Details: This was my very first tri last year, so I was excited to race it again to look for progress...and I found it...by about 25%!

Swim: 15:48/440 yards
Bike: 45:27/12 miles
Run: 21:02/2 miles

Total: 1h 45m 44s

Overall: 166/396
Age Group: 28/61

Link to my race report

7/4/09 - Firecracker 5K
Details: First run on a cross country trail. It was absolutely beautiful.

Total: 31m 32s

Overall: 38/89

Link to my race report

8/2/09 - East Fork Sprint Duathlon
Details: I don't remember exactly why, but I ended up switching from a tri to a du that morning. I'm glad I got to experience that kind of race. It was harder than a tri.

Run: 30:24/3.1 miles
Bike: 48:43/12 miles
Run: 36:03/3.1 miles

Total: 1h 57m 58s

Overall: 55/64
Age Group: 4/6

Link to my race report

9/27/09 - Toyota Challenge Olympic Tri
Details: First Olympic distance tri. First tri in a wetsuit, too. What a piece of equipment.

Swim: 29:35/1,056 yards
Bike: 1:38:56/24.79 miles
Run: 1:11:29/6.5 miles

Total: 3h 24m 25s

Overall: 119/128
Age Group: 4/4

Link to my race report

11/26/09 - Friends of Wilmington Parks Turkey Trot 10K
Details: Was looking forward to working hard and then pigging-out for Thanksgiving lunch. I had to force myself to eat. Won't make that mistake again.

Total: 1:05:00/6.2 miles

Overall: 7/8

Link to my race report


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