Saturday, August 25, 2012

Juggling lemons

Courtesy Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region Red Cross
I was a celebrity waiter at a recent fundraiser for our local American Red Cross. I'd never been to a celebrity waiter event, but I knew going in that being entertaining and goofy were the requisites.

Goofy I had down. Whether that would translate to entertaining, well - I had my doubts.

I threw on a couple silly hats and mingled with some customers.

One couple said the last guy did magic tricks for them.

"What can you do?" they challenged.

"Well, I can juggle ... a little," I said after thinking for a moment.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed three lemons out of the fridge. I went back to the table, negotiated a price and pleaded silently with my body to please not let me drop them.

I started juggling and was able to make it through a few good looking rotations before I lost my groove.

The couple seemed please, clapped and handed me some dough.

More than $5,500 was raised that night and all of the dollars went to this Red Cross chapter.

Given the choice, though, I'd rather juggle interviews in the privacy of my office than lemons in public.


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