Friday, July 25, 2008

A Surprisingly Good Swim

I went swimming yesterday in Ann's pool. Taking a few-day break from swimming really gave me a great opportunity to get a fresh look at my form.

Today, I decided to just take my time and swim 750 yards, the distance of the race I want to do on 9/16. When I got to 400 yards, I looked at my time and it was about 20 minutes. During my tri on 6/28, I finished 400 yards in 27 minutes so this was good. It took me 34 minutes to complete my 750 yard goal.

I've learned many things about what I'm doing wrong with my form, and I won't bore you with the details, but this was the most interesting thing to date: I was winded during this swim, but it was a consistent windedness. Like, when I would stop to turn around I was fairly breathless, but I decided to push on. Pushing on in my fairly breathless state - if I kept the same pace - did not increase my breathlessness!

I'd been afraid that if I did this I would become so out of breath that I'd have to stop. This is really super cool and majorly encouraging!

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Brittany M. said...

Happened to see your blogspot link on a BT post, and just became a "blogger" aside from BT this year as well. So just dropping in to say hi, and great job with the triathlon training! What a great lifestyle--and BT'ers are just plain AWESOME!

BT= TexasMPGal


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