Monday, July 7, 2008

My Trophy

So, Gary leaves to go to the post office a couple days ago, but he takes longer than usual. I don't think anything of it. He then goes out later to get some Pepsi.

As he walks from the garage through the kitchen, I see him carrying a trophy. At first I thought he was bringing in one of his from the barn from high school. But something else he has in his hand clues me in otherwise. He is carrying a card.

I said, "What did you do?" but I already knew the answer. I didn't place in my triathlon, so I didn't get any awards. He went out and got me a trophy that reads: "Lora Abernathy, 2008 Triathlete." How sweet is that?

The card congratulated me for defying the odds. How sweet is that?

1 comment:

triblog carol said...

Awesome trophy - how sweet of Gary!


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