Saturday, July 5, 2008

One Week After

About this time, one week ago, Gary and I were just about to walk into the house after driving back from my tri. I can't believe it's been a week. It feels like yesterday.

I'm still deciding on which tri to do in September. This one is in Akron, 3 hours away. Since my friend Becky is out with injuries this season (boo), she probably won't be able to go with me and that means I'd go by myself. I'd just make it into a nice little "me" trip which could be fun.

The pros are that it's a shorter swim (250 yards) than the one I just did (440 yards), the bike is shorter (7 miles) than the one I just did (12 miles) and the run is the same. Plus, it's a women's only which helps take down the intimidation level.

The cons are that it's 3 hours away, the bike is shorter (7 miles seems too easy now that I've been training for 12) and the run is the same. Plus, Gary won't be able to come.

The other one is about 45 minutes away.
The pros are that the bike will be 12 miles and the run is one mile longer (3 miles) than the one I just did (2 miles). It's close to home, Gary said he might even come (even though I told him he never has to go to another one) and they even have race packet pick-up the day before so I wouldn't have to get up so early the day of. Oh, and I could go up one day beforehand and ride the course to be familiar with it already.

The cons are the swim is a half-mile, and I just barely made it through a quarter mile, and it's co-ed.

Well, having listed that all out, it sounds like I just need to swim, swim, swim, swim, swim 'cause the last one definitely has the most pros. I'll keep you posted.

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The Kiser's said...

We think it's great you did the Tri. It looks like you have found a good outlet. Hope you had a nice fourth.


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