Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Bought a Bike. I Mean, This is HUGE!

Yeah, that's right. This is my new bike. And it was complete serendipity that brought us together.

I was considering a bike in the Giant OCR series, but really wanted a version with better components. Problem is that they're really out of my budget.

Well, the store had 2 of the higher-end models (OCR1) in two of my possible sizes (S and XS) leftover from 2008 they needed to clear out.

So, for right-around the price of the lower-end 2009 model, I got the 2008 OCR1!

After doing a laser body-scan to get measurements, we decided that the size S would work best. So the guy tweaked it to get the fit right and then I went for a ride. It was so windy, but even at that, it was so, so effortless to get fast. That ride was a complete blast.

Anyway, I'm so grateful to be in a position to get this bike. Times are tougher economically - for everyone - and I'm completely humbled.


KayVee said...

Well, uhm, Merry Christmas to yourself? She's a beauty!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice bike, Did you get it at ROLL, if so which one, they are my LBS.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I just bought my bike from Polaris ROLL shop, I love these guys, they are so nice and friendly. I was going to get the same bike you got, but none were in my size, able to get an OCR A1, which is the same bike but with a little more carbon in it for a $900. I am so excited, I get to pick it up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you bought this on my birthday!

Where did you get that IM counter? I would like to get one and put it in my BT blog if I can.


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