Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow is Welcome Here

I'm one of the few people who absolutely love snow.

Gary cringes if the weather reports include it. I can't wait to glimpse the first sign of the harmless white invaders.

When it snows, it's as if the fast pace of the world is put on hold. There's a loud quiet in the air, demanding that our lives move slowly.

For the first time in my life, I went running in the snow the other day.

Of all the things that I can do to be a better runner (run more, run faster, eat better, hydrate better), I wasn't prepared for the sudden spring in my step for which the snow was clearly responsible.

I'll be frank: it was just fun. I wasn't focused on my heart rate or how fast I was going. I was just enjoying the descension of my wet, white companions. It was, quite simply, a very calming experience.

Snow has always been special to me. Now, as a triathlete in winter training, I've got another reason to love it.

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~Jess~ said...

During the cold weather, I sometimes, and often, have my first song be "What a wonderful time of the yearrrrr". Maybe by Crosby? I agree you get a natural bounce, and it even more fun as families get ready for Christmas! The lights make for a much more enjoyable run!

Stay warm, and great job!


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