Monday, November 17, 2008

Forgotten 5K Memories

I was Googling myself the other day on Yahoo. (Yes, I meant to say that.) I found a link with my name associated with results for a 5K back in November 1998 at my university.

Since I started training for tris, I've often wondered how I did in that race. I've thought about calling the university to see if they had those results by some odd chance, but just never did.

Yesterday, my curiosity was mollified. I excitedly clicked on the link and found my results - after all these years:

Overall: 108/123
AG Overall: 22/25
AG Female: 12/15

Time: 29:12
Pace: 9:24

Here's how I, a certified non-runner, ended up doing a 5K...

I, along with my friend, Jacki, had decided to join the newly forming women's crew team. We soon found ourselves in a Catch 22. We could not get a coach until we got a boat, and we could not get a boat until we had a coach.

Our captains decided that doing a 5K would be a nice team activity in the meantime. As someone who couldn't run 50 feet without wanting to collapse, I cringed when that idea was tossed out, but I was up for the challenge.

Jacki and I trained with the girls a couple times, running the entire 3 miles. I must admit, I felt really, really good after each run. The biscuits and gravy I had for breakfast afterwards never tasted better.

Race day came and I started off with the team, but the "real" runners soon left me behind. No problem. I expected they would.

The race run was just as much of a pain as the training runs, but at least I'd get a nice long-sleeve T-shirt when I finished. (My friend, Melody, with whom I am no longer in contact, had it eight years ago. That's the last time it was seen. Can you tell I really liked that shirt?)

When I turned the last corner, my teammates who had already finished were cheering me on. That was really cool. I talked with some of the girls for a while afterwards, and then left town for the weekend.

Completing that 5K 10 years ago was cool. I finished it, was proud of myself for a while, but quickly went on with my life.

Completing my first triathlon this summer was a life-changing experience. It was extremely difficult, physically challenging, highly emotional and incredibly, incredibly rewarding.

The Danskin women's triathlon series has a saying that goes something like this: "The woman who starts the race is not the same one who finishes." They are so on the money.

Finishing a 5K is cool. Finishing a triathlon is pure bliss.

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~Jess~ said...

I think it is amazing that you can look back and see how far you have come!! That is the BEST feeling in the world... One of my best friends lives by Marshall, and she was even a body fill in for the Movie, and I thought of her while reading your post.

Glad to see you are doing well! Keep up the hard work as the days get shorter, and colder, and you will continue to amaze yourself in the many days ahead!



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