Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Long Bike

My mentor group on BT is doing a challenge for November to run 40 miles, bike 98 and swim 2.4 (or do 5 hours of strength training if you cannot make it to the pool).

So, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and start my bike goals.

I have really gotten spoiled riding those trails and my usual route from home just doesn't seem satisfying. So, I loaded up my bike in my SUV and began my hour-long drive to the trail.

Because it was such a beautiful day, because I had nowhere to be and because this trail has many, many miles on it, I decided to push myself and ride 24 miles. Plus, that would knock out 25% of my goal on day one.

It truly was a gorgeous day, a lot like the above picture but with more sun. Every now and then, and only when I was by myself, of course, I'd hear some sort of animal rustling the leaves near the path. I wondered what it was. A snake, a squirrel, a mountain lion? I never found out and I think that's a good thing.

It took me 2 hours to get in 24 miles, putting me at 12 mph. I got passed by a few people who just seemed to effortlessly speed by, as if they weren't even using their legs to move them forward, but had made a secret deal with the wind to make them bike heroes.

I continue to encourage myself by insisting that when I get a road bike, the wind will make me an offer I can't refuse, and I can join their club.

Of course, I know a road bike won't solve all of my problems. Getting better and faster is all about time in the saddle, but being more aero and having a lighter-weight bike will help.

So, here's to a wonderful day of being outside, enjoying the crackling end of a beautiful summer and to having biked 24 miles.


Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by your column...please keep writing!
-G.Coller (New Triathloner on BT)

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by your column...please keep writing!
-G.Coller (New Triathloner on BT)


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