Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I can't run or bike, but I can ... smile?

Despite tossing my shiniest pennies in the wishing well and pretending I don't have a problem, I feel compelled to publicly confess that my foot injury continues to leave me beleaguered.

Frankly, though, I do believe the triathlon from two weeks ago was not as big of a contributing factor to the decompensating well being of my feet, as was just the general hope that things would get better if I only wore high heels two times a week instead of six, simply took it easy ... and then trying to take it easy only to fail miserably.

Indeed. It is time to reschedule that physical therapy appointment.

Until then, it would be imprudent to train and risk further injury. This weekend's perfect weather, however, stirred up almost enough temptation for me to say, "Aw, forget about it. I'm hitting the pavement."

I did say, "Almost enough."

Currently, I can still walk, though, and my pups must be very thankful for that. During Sunday's late afternoon stroll through the uptown streets of my city, I was living in the moment, choosing to not be upset about this predicament and to soak in the extraordinarily picturesque day at my feet.

It was easy to do.

Passersby must have thought I looked ridiculous, walking a black Great Dane and a Yellow Lab mix with a smile plastered as wide across my face as far as east is to west. How could managing those guys be enjoyable?

Who cares? I was celebrating the gift of a partly sunny, mild and breezy day, and being thankful to God for my life and for the many, many good things in it.

Though I can't run or bike (swimming is probably out, too), I'm going to put aside the racing, negative thoughts that coincide with being inactive during recovery, and appreciate what I am able to do. Perhaps I'll now spend my triathlon training time practicing Yoga and hitting the Y to focus on much-needed strength training.

If the world is going to pass me by as I recover, I might as well smile, wave at it and give it my love.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am sorry to hear your injured, but you have a great attitude.

Lora said...

Thanks, BDD. I will make it through. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you - I ruptured my hamstring a year ago and have not been the same since - the ongoing injury and the "feeling sorry for myself" attitude. Love your pictures though :) Stopping in to follow this Tuesday - hope you can stop by and return the favor soon :)

Di Tri-ing said...

That's a great attitude to take! I hope you heal up quickly.

I was out for 4 months with a complicated stress fracture in my foot last fall. Excrutiating to be told no physical (i.e., cardio) activity, at all.

Now recovered, I am especially thankful for every mile I can run. Take care and invest in some sensible shoes!

Lora said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, Shauna. Sorry to hear about your hamstring. Man, that really bites. Will definitely return the visit! Thank you!

Lora said...

So glad to hear you've had a successful recovery, Di Tri-ing. That clearly was difficult. It definitely makes you appreciate those miles. I just bought a pair of flats and am wearing them today. Have a great day!

RockStarTri said...

Being injured sucks. Focus on what you can do vs. what you can't is a great mindset. Give the swim a chance?

Lora said...

So true, RST! Will have to test out the swim, but I'm not hopeful there based on where the injury is. But you're right, I should give it a try first.


You know, you are young .

Give your body proper time to recover and you will have plenty of time in the future to tackle all your dreams.

Listen to your body..

Good luck!

Lora said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Bob. You are so right. Cheers to you, too!

Mike said...

Like others have said, sorry about the injury but you have a great attitude. Maybe volunteering at a race or too could spread that great attitude. I do believe attitudes are contagious, both positive and negative.

Lora said...

Indeed, Mike. Maybe a trip down to Ironman Louisville in a couple weeks to volunteer is in order. I'm also helping to organize a local 5K. I'll be a great cheerleader for the participants.


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