Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I almost said

Over the last couple of months, I’ve started several blog posts but have not published them.

Most often it was because of writer’s block. Sometimes, the post became outdated. And at least once I did publish it only to gasp at what a bad post it truly was before expunging it from public viewing.

So, just in case I never get around to finish writing and publishing them, I thought I’d combine them all into one post. Using super-groovy titles and non-cliched sarcasm, I will proceed to give a brief synopsis about the fascinating things I almost said.

Fear and Loathing at High School Reunions
How I want to have a really cool title like Doctor or Senator before my 20th. Then, realizing that I will actually have a title before then, Ironman, I imagine that I’ll be such a super humble person I won’t even talk about it. As if!

How Well Would I Do?
Theoretical scenario asking how much better I might be in this sport if I had unlimited resources and time. Then, an examination of what resources I do have and can reasonably have to answer that question. (Insert crickets chirping.)

Yaktrax and the Saga of My Tailbone
How Yaktrax keeps me from falling on my rear-end in the ice when snow moguls and my days as a majorette didn't.

How Being a Triathlete Helped Me Shovel Snow
Really? You need me to explain that?

How Being a Triathlete Made Walking to the Post Office Fun
Oooooooo. Even I don’t care about this!

This is EXACTLY Why I Wanted to Do Tris in the First Place
I don’t even remember what the "why" was. Just kidding! No, seriously.

Me Ol’ Bike
I pulled my old bike out of my mom’s garage recently and took a picture of it. Yup, doesn’t get more cutting-edge than that.

Triathlons: My Exemption
In all seriousness now, this is one I’d really like to save and write about more. I might even be able to make something poignant out of it.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by, and here’s to hoping that - should you experience writer’s block - it can at least create some fun “maybes” for you, too.


JD said...

First off, your blog gets COOLER AND COOLER everytime I visit!! I love this wider layout.

Too funny about all your unpublished things. I like the 'walking to the post office' one. . hee hee. I have the unpublished as well. For me, better they STAY that way. :) Keep up the great work!!

Shannon said...

I get like that too, sometimes I envy bloggers that come up with groovy posts EVERYDAY. How do they do it?

Debbie said...

Do you realize you admitted to being a majorette in that post? I'm not laughing. I was a majorette too. I wonder what else we have in common. (Do you still find things to twirl when you're bored, like pencils and straws?)

IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

Not to burst your bubble, but I went to my 35th at Parkersburg High School last year as an Ironman, and all I got was blank stares... but you know what.. that is OK, you do it for yourself.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love your blog and everytime I come back you have something new and cool off to the side.

ShirleyPerly said...

This is a funny post! I too have several posts started that I never got around to finishing for one reason or another. This is a good way to get rid of that unfinished business.

L. said...

JD, thank you so much for you kind words about the blog. I've really enjoyed expanding it.

Shannon, I totally don't understand how people can write something every day either. I'm lucky I can get something mildly coherent out as infrequently as I do.

Debbie, I TOTALLY still twirl things! Sticks, straws, you name it. I even still keep my old baton close by, just in case I get the urge to do some one-handed fishtails! Good times.

Bob, blank stares, huh? Maybe I will just keep it to myself. I'll know that I've done it and that really is good enough.

Scott, glad you like the blog, too. It's fun thinking of new things to add for interest.

Shirley, that's right about the unfinished business. I was so tired of seeing "draft" by the posts and having them hang over me. I certainly do feel better and I'm glad you got a good laugh.

Guys, I can't thank ya'll enough for stopping by. I really appreciate it!

unathleticrunner said...

You are too funny!

L. said...

Thank you, Unathleticrunner. Love your name, by the way.

~Jess~ said...

No matter what the post.. POST :)

I have learned that one small quote is better to think about during the week or day, then not finishing our thoughts..

Favorite thing I always used to say to my brothers..

woulda, shoulda, coulda, DIDN'T! haha :)

Keep truckin :)

Missy said...

I love the bike. It's not old, it's retro. Screw writers block, I usually have some kind of drival most days. I can vent and wear it out...someone might even think it's funny.

Denise said...

You should post them all!! Don't hold back!1


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