Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's the plan; er, plans

I’ve officially decided to add the HIM to my schedule. Thanks so much to every single one of you for your encouragement.

I found an awesome training plan on Beginner Triathlete that not only gives me instructions on how long to train each time, but instructions on what to do for warm-up, main sets and cool downs.

It’s a wonderfully specific plan and you can check it out here:\

It’s also a 20-week plan so I wouldn’t have to begin until April 27 as my race is on September 27.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take March and April and work on building a stronger base before I begin this plan. I could start it at my current fitness level and not be out of my league, but I might as well make good use of this free time and have it count for something.

Here’s a link to the 10K training plan I’m going to go ahead and start this Monday: Come, rain, snow or harsh winds, I will get in the running. I must get in the running. I cannot let ANY excuse get in the way.

Here’s a link to a “Zero to 1,650 in Six Weeks” plan. I’ve started Week One two to three times, but now I’ll have devoted time to finish it. I’ll start this the first week of March.

I’ll do a few spin classes here and there and, when I get my new road bike in the next couple of days (stay tuned for details about that), I’ll be doing some biking, too.

So, February’s been a cut back on SBR so I don't get too burned out month. I’m so ready for it to be overwith, and for my training for the season to really begin.

Let’s go, 2009!


~Jess~ said...

as they have said in the movie toystory...


you will do great!

Trishie said...

I used the same plan for my HIM last year -- woot!

JD said...

Awesome. I checked out the link to the swimming plan, and I think I may give that a whirl. Thanks, and happy training!!


Kelly said...

Great!! My HIM training starts 3/1, and I've been taking it kind of easy this month, with the same thing in mind. Don't want to be burned out before it begins!

Shannon said...

Sounds like a great training plan. I've used Beginner Triathlete programs before. Yea You!!!

IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

Having a plan and sticking to it can also be very soothing on the mind and spirit. Sounds like you have it all working well.

Samantha said...

Congrats on your decision, you are a rock star!!


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