Monday, January 19, 2009

You Know You're a Triathlete When...

I found some of these listed in a forum on BT (great stuff, guys) as well as a few other sites I'll reference at the bottom. I hope you enjoy.

  1. When you are vacationing 89 miles away at the beach, you leave five hours ahead of your wife and children on your bike and meet them there.

  2. When you're on a long run and have to use the bathroom, you run into the woods and another runner is doing the same thing - and it doesn't bother either of you.

  3. You forget that talking about daily LSD [Long Slow Distance] and speed weirds some people out.

  4. When asked how old you are, your answer is 30-34.

  5. You wave at other cyclists, because all triathletes are friendly and, if they are not, they are probably purist cyclists trying to get into triathlons and they do not yet know that triathletes are friendly.

  6. You have absolutely NO idea what to do with yourself on your off day. You mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, washed the car, and there are STILL 4 hours of daylight left! Aarrgghh!

  7. Your children are more likely to recognize you if you put on your bicycle helmet.

  8. You know where the good fishing is in the lake because of how the water tastes.

  9. You think an Ironman is easier then a marathon because you don't have to start by running fast.

  10. You feel like you took the day off because all you did was swim 3000 yards.

  11. Nobody believes you when you say, "Never again".

  12. You take part in the corporate challenge to improve your base speed.

  13. Your spouse is looking forward to the day when you will slow down and just run marathons.

  14. You know what bricks are.

  15. You are actually interested in the mile by mile recap of the fairly innocuous question, "So, how was your race?”

  16. You have paused in front of the mirror in your wetsuit and thought, “Hey, I look like a superhero."

  17. You have the belief that as long as your marriage is intact, you can afford yet a little more training.

  18. Your co-workers rarely see your hair down. It takes too much time to blow-dry after a 5:30 am swim and twisting wet hair into a bun takes 15 seconds.

  19. Your bicycle has a name, sleeps INSIDE the house, and is worth more - emotionally and monetarily - than your car.
  20. Shoveling snow is a part of your cross-training schedule.

  21. You make your 5 year old sit in a jogging stroller and go for a run because the baby doesn't weigh enough.

  22. You ride your bike more than you drive your car.

  23. You can run a 1-mile faster than your teenage kids - who are in track and cross country.

  24. You tuck your wife in, wait for her to fall asleep and then go workout.

  25. You know from experience how many minutes you can swim in 45 F or lower water before your core body temperature drops dangerously low, and then time your transition into dry clothes to avoid an outhouse.

  26. You have done an OWS while it was snowing.

  27. When you ask your dog if he wants to go for a run, he scampers and hides under the chair shaking.

  28. Your spouse doesn't blink when you say, "I should be back from my run in three hours."

  29. Your co-workers no longer think it's weird when you eat your "second lunch" at 3:00.

  30. An easy swim is any distance less than 1500 yards.

  31. You've run a marathon, but never just by itself.

  32. You plan your vacations around your training for your A, B or C race.

  33. You know the difference between an A, B or C race.

  34. When traveling, you select your hotel based on the exercise room.

  35. You consider work regeneration time between training sessions.

  36. When people praise you for being able to run 3 miles, you feel insulted.

  37. Your kids grab water bottles and energy bars when you suggest a family stroll.

  38. You think there are only two seasons during the year: racing and off.

  39. You need a picture for a job application and you only have race pictures.

  40. You know what the Yellow Socks Brigade is...and you belong.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

NICE!!!! I enjoyed that one alot.

True North Yoga said...

That was a great thread on BT. I am there - my user name is serendipity. I finally got around to writing something in my blog. The first post is always the toughest, right?

Ordinarylife said...

I also read it on BT, but had a good chuckle again. Some of them are just so true!


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