Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plans are plain. Or are they?

I decided last week to write down my goals for the week in a table on my BT Training Log. I'm also writing them down off to the side on this blog, too.

As I've been doing my training this last year, I've just had a general idea of what I might squeeze in each week. I've just gotten up, seen what my day looks like and then train doing whatever I feel like. I believe this has put me in a deficit. So, the idea for the goal-writing was born. (A novel idea, huh?)

I met my goal of lifting 3 times for 30 minutes each time.

I met my goal of swimming 3 times per week, 900 yards each time. This totaled 1.6 miles.

My plan was to take a spin class twice this week. I did so on Tuesday, but I had to cancel Saturday morning because of icy roads. I was up and ready to go, though, so it wasn't because I was lazy.

So, I've had to move biking once. I took that spin class this afternoon and a couple other people from that class were sticking around for the next one. I did that, too. So, I exceeded my bike goal by 50%.

I truly believe this one is causing me the most difficulty because of the cold weather. Everything else takes place indoors. I had to move my 2-mile run once, but I completed it according to the reschedule.

I moved my 4-mile run once, but I only completed 2 miles of it that day and the mileage was not consecutive. So, my plan was to finish out these 2 miles of my run today after spin class. Well, since I did 2 spin classes, I was particularly beat so I only got in 1 mile. I did make it a brick, though.

Positive: Having these goals has helped me. Prior to this, even after I've worked out, I've always felt like I've had something more to do hanging over my head. Now, all I have to do is to go to my spreadsheet, look at what I've finished for the day and relax because I'm done. No need to worry about tomorrow either because it's on my schedule.

Negative: I am disappointed that I've had to move my runs around so much. I consider the moving of the bike the exception because it really was inclement weather's fault.

Learned: I think I need a plan for my planning. For example, there is a 10K running program I'm looking at and it will tell me how many minutes and miles I need to do per week. I'm currently doing one for swimming, so that's taken care of. When Springtime rolls around, I'll be doing an Olympic distance plan for all the disciplines.

I'll give a report toward the end of next week. Stay tuned.


~Jess~ said...

i love your videos!! glad I could help you get those up there..

now I have a question... how do I get those side pictures and such like you do... i love how you have the icons of all your races... i want to do that also... can you help me ?

I will be doing MUSF, one of my clients this will be her first triathlon and I am totally excited for her and look forward to the future with her in the sport.

thanks for your help and great posts!!!

lifting iron said...

i love your videos!!


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