Saturday, October 4, 2008

Running Surprises

When I first started running to try to get in shape at the end of last summer, I started out just doing a half mile - and wanting to die after I was done. I remember parking at one end of the parking lot at the lake, running to the end and then back to my SUV, scrambling for my bottled water that was inside. I was soooooo out of breath.

Today, I ran my longest distance to date: 3.6 miles. For some reason, today it really hit me that I can - and do - do this on a regular basis. As I was running, I was thinking, "I can't believe that I've already run 2 miles and that's just a little over halfway there. I can't believe my goal is almost 4 miles."

Since I'm not in a position to swim until the winter, I've decided to use that time and focus on running, my best sport of the three at this point. I'm doing a 5K in a few weeks and I'd like to do it under 30 minutes.

My new running goal? I want to do a half-marathon in May of 2009!

(Lord, help me!)

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Dusty said...

You can so do a half mary by May! I have a similar story to yours--when I started a year ago January I couldn't get to the end of my street! I completed my second half mary two weeks ago. I'm not fast, but I finish. You can definitely do this.

You should come down and run with the CE group on Sundays--today was my first time running with them and as slow as I am I was not dropped!

Peace, Dusty


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