Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Death by Triathlon?

Before bringing this up, it's important to note that dying during a triathlon is very, very rare.

This year, however, there was some buzz about it after someone died in the New York City Triathlon and The New York Times wrote a story about it.

Most recently, Beginner Triathlete (BT) published a really good article on it, prompted, I assume, from the questions asked late this summer after the news story.

Here is the BT story.

Here is The New York Times story.

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Condorman (from BT) said...

It is one thing to read about it, but I was 10 feet from the guy in the water at the NYC Tri. A swimmer next to me actually swam into the guy floating in the river.

If it puts your mind at ease, it was a matter of seconds before rescue kayakers were there and they were tending to him.

I haven't seen this confirmed as a cause of death, but during this swim event, we were hammered by Jellyfish and he could have had an allergic reaction to a jellyfish sting.


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