Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog gets first place nod from the Associated Press

Out on a run yesterday.
I was so thrilled to have won first place for Best Blog at the Associated Press Society of Ohio's annual awards banquet last Sunday for "The Iron Mountaineer." Some days, I just can't believe my life.

These were the judge's comments:

"Great blog! Entries aren't extravagantly long, topics are focused, writing style is light-hearted. Personality of the blogger shines through. Excellent."

I also took home second place recognition for Online Photojournalist and third place for Best Use of Multimedia. The paper with which I am most associated, The Times-Gazette, took home seven AP awards all together. My colleagues at the Wilmington News Journal took home six and the Record-Herald walked away with two.

There are five divisions in Ohio based on circulation and our division, Division 1, has the most papers, making it the most competitive division in Ohio.

These are the four entries that I submitted for judging from last year.

The name I won't let them call me

Mourning fading body markings

The top 5 swimming pet peeves

It's like I'm half triathlete, half human

Thanks for reading, everyone, and helping to make this trip even more joyful.


Alili said...



Great job!
They give awards in Ohio for Mountaineers? Even better!

Karen said...


Lora Abernathy said...

Hey, thanks you guys. Bob, I was a little surprised, too. :)

Mike said...

Congrats! That is really cool!


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