Monday, November 22, 2010

Look what I got for 30 bucks

A poster on Beginner Triathlete wanted to know where to find a good deal on a trainer. I responded by telling him about the great deal I got on an adjustable fluid trainer back in September from Nashbar.

I paid $135 for a $329 trainer with the discount they had on the product plus an additional 20% for the Labor Day holiday.

I went to Nashbar to check the exact name of my trainer to share with this poster and noticed they were having yet another special: 72 items at 72% off.

I had a little money to spare so I decided to see what all I could buy for $30. Including shipping and tax, for $30.42 (OK, so I went a little over budget) I got the following items:
  • A frame pack bag - $4.94
  • Two pairs of Wigwam socks - $2.69
  • A rack strap - $1.43
  • A  balaclava - $4.49
  • A set of arm warmers - $5.04
  • A 24 oz. water bottle - $2.51
  • And a 2008 Tour de France water bottle - $1.34
Not too shabby, huh?

When I got home from work this evening, my husband had put a box on the kitchen table. Before changing into my comfy clothes, I grabbed the nearest pair of scissors and began taking everything out of its packaging.

So, the burning question is, of course, which item am I most excited about? That answer is easy: the balaclava.

Though I looked like a clumsy ninja when I tried it on, it really is a practical piece of gear for cold weather running and biking and I've been eyeing them for a couple years.

If you're a triathlete or cyclist - heck, even a runner - you've got to check out Nashbar. They've got a good reputation, are very quick to ship and have incredible prices.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rest in peace my first pair of running shoes

To say that I ran too many miles in these shoes is as hardcore of an understatement as saying that three-time Ironman champ Chrissie Wellington "sure does trains a lot."

I should have bought a new pair about a year-and-a-half ago. Heck, I've put close to 600 miles in the last two years alone - NOT including dog walks.

It was, however, through my recent longer runs that I began to see the strong correlation between the decomposition of my shoes and the possibility for injury. I began to notice an aching in the balls of my feet and just felt less supported the longer I ran.

Because the guy from whom I'd bought these shoes did such a great job of helping me decide which ones to buy to begin with, I went back to his shop. I ended up getting the New Balance shoe that replaced the 858, the 850. So far so good.

Maybe I'm just sentimental. Nah, it's really more likely that I'm just cheap, but I definitely had grown fond of those shoes. They were with me during my first triathlon, both on the run and on the bike as I didn't have clipless then. They've been with me through good and bad times of training and have carried me through three seasons of triathlon. Last but not least, they helped me finish my first half marathon a month ago.

So I take this opportunity to say farewell and thank you - and, of course, to say hello to my very sweet, very solid, new running shoes. I look forward to hundreds of miles together, just not as many as with my last pair.


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