Monday, November 22, 2010

Look what I got for 30 bucks

A poster on Beginner Triathlete wanted to know where to find a good deal on a trainer. I responded by telling him about the great deal I got on an adjustable fluid trainer back in September from Nashbar.

I paid $135 for a $329 trainer with the discount they had on the product plus an additional 20% for the Labor Day holiday.

I went to Nashbar to check the exact name of my trainer to share with this poster and noticed they were having yet another special: 72 items at 72% off.

I had a little money to spare so I decided to see what all I could buy for $30. Including shipping and tax, for $30.42 (OK, so I went a little over budget) I got the following items:
  • A frame pack bag - $4.94
  • Two pairs of Wigwam socks - $2.69
  • A rack strap - $1.43
  • A  balaclava - $4.49
  • A set of arm warmers - $5.04
  • A 24 oz. water bottle - $2.51
  • And a 2008 Tour de France water bottle - $1.34
Not too shabby, huh?

When I got home from work this evening, my husband had put a box on the kitchen table. Before changing into my comfy clothes, I grabbed the nearest pair of scissors and began taking everything out of its packaging.

So, the burning question is, of course, which item am I most excited about? That answer is easy: the balaclava.

Though I looked like a clumsy ninja when I tried it on, it really is a practical piece of gear for cold weather running and biking and I've been eyeing them for a couple years.

If you're a triathlete or cyclist - heck, even a runner - you've got to check out Nashbar. They've got a good reputation, are very quick to ship and have incredible prices.



Frozentriette said...

first, I LOVE the new blog!! And BikeNashbar is the best, I got my cycling shoes, speed plays, aero bottle, and some other stuff there this summer. I really like how fast it all came (esp to Alaska, that's a miracle). Enjoy the balaclava, stay warm.

Steph Trainer said...

Love this. Happy new year, and a great 2011!


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