Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No shortage of advice from drivers

Partly inspired by a blog post from last year, I wrote this column for one of the papers for which I work. It's about how friendly automobile drivers are to bikers on the road.

Sometimes I feel like Al Gore reminding us he's an environmentalist when I talk about being a triathlete.

Though my friends may smile and nod their heads, I imagine they must be thinking to themselves, "Oh, boy. Here we go again."

Well, here we go again.

My latest bike ride reminded me of conversations I've had with other triathletes and bikers who occasionally ask me, "Isn't Highland County the worst at being biker friendly?"
I am quick to respond by telling them that I just don't see it that way.

For example, the first time I rode on U.S. 50 out of Hillsboro a couple years ago, a Ford F-150 slowed down to 35 mph as it passed me.

I suddenly noticed a shaking fist appear outside of the passenger side window. It was hard to make out the exact words, but I'm pretty sure I heard, "Good luck with yourself, lady!" It was a nice pick-me-up as I struggled in the grueling 90 degree weather.

And just the other day, the woman driving a red Neon yelled out: "Go straight to..."

To read the rest of the column, click here.


RockStarTri said...

Nice article. Thanks.

Bill G said...

Sounds pretty typical to my area as well!

Isn't it great!!

Alisa said...

Great article!

I certainly question my sanity sometimes as I'm riding along and I live in a city known for it's biking!

I never know what to make of the it a solidarity honk or a get-the-f-out-of-the-way honk?

If you print up bike jersey's with that saying...I'm totally buying one!

Rusty Southwick said...

Fine article there, Lora. Never having ridden or run more than thirty minutes at a time, I have to imagine through your eyes. Thanks for taking us on the path with you.

Suzanne Bertin said...

I commute to work daily by bicycle and put in a lot of training miles so I can relate. Very well put.

ciro foster said...

Great, we want to see turkeys photo and the lion too!


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