Friday, January 22, 2010

That's why I don't like rest days

I had written this on my GOTRIbal blog, but thought I'd bring it over here.

For me, the tragedy of a rest day exists not in not taking it but in taking it.

Unfortunately, I'm either on or off. When I get into a training groove, I rock it - for days. When I have to take my rest day (which IS, of course, absolutely critical), it's quite difficult to get back into my training.

First night: Legitimate rest day.

Second night: I really need a night to catch up on housework.

Third night: Gary's leaving for a couple days in the morning and I need to make sure he's got all he needs.

Fourth night: Gary's out of town tonight, so I'm just going to veg with the dogs on the couch.

RIDICULOUS...but that's how it goes. It is, though, not how it should be. I just need to find a nice place in the middle...

But, tonight, the middle's going to be on the couch between the Great Dane and the Yellow Lab.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

We all need that one day of rest, even two is ok, when it goes longer then that is when it becomes difficult to get back on track

teacherwoman said...

I love rest days, but I find that if it's more than a couple days, it's hard to get back to the grind. :)

Colleen said...

I COMPLETELY understand! Rest days are sometimes a necessary evil! You aren't alone!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, rest days can be contagious. But sometimes when I'm on a roll with my workouts I don't want to take a rest day. Thank goodness for coaches.

Look forward to seeing what you'll be up to this year!

Libby said...

some of life's best moments happen when we take a rest :) we all have to be human sometimes!!

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Ulyana said...

it's still january, i say!

Bill G said...

You sure there is room. Those are two large dogs!!!

The body always seems to know what it needs best - if we would just listen :)

Beth said...

I agree, it's hard to take a day off and then it's hard to get back at it. That couch looks pretty inviting!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

wow, looks like my couch down to the cover, the number of dogs, their colorings, and their positioning.

Mina said...

I'm learning that keeping up training is really about routine and making time for my body EVERY day, so this is my new approach:

"Rest Day" is a day you don't do cardio or heavy strength, but do a focused hour on stretching, deep breathing and meditation and taking account of how your body's doing and how your week of training went. Still dress for a workout, maybe still take a trip to the gym, and most importantly still be in Focused-Fit-Mode. Make Rest Day PART of your workout, instead of a lack of one.

Even if Rest Day is only 30 minutes of stretch or dedicated to something like bike maintenance or getting organized for the next the week of workouts, it really makes it easier to stay on track.

Christine said...

Hi Lora!

I could SO relate to what you wrote it actually made me laugh out loud! What a great post! Thanks for keeping it real. Glad to see how you've been doing too! Christine

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Fun perspective, thanks! Whether it's rest or a workout, just "do the next thing." You can do it!


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