Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I Do Tris

It was around September 2007. Chef Rocco DiSpirito was doing a segment on The Today Show. I hadn't seen him since his American Express commercials and he looked different. He was never what one would describe as overweight, but he had clearly shed some pounds and looked so trim.

Host Ann Curry agreed with my impression as she asked him what he had been doing. He replied, "Triathlons."

What? How random is that?

Rocco then stated something that gave me hope. He continued that approximately 10% of the participants who compete in triathlons have disabilities. I don't have a disability, but this statistic lent credibility to the sport's accessability for an average Jane like me.

I Googled "beginner triathletes" and found a Web site called (you guessed it) http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/.

After much reading, I was hooked. Primarily because any fitness training that I could do from this point on would now have an immediate purpose.

Currently my motivation to work out is because in 30 years my bones might be stronger or in 30 years I might still not be overweight.

Now, my motivation to work out is because I need to get and stay fit to have the best body working for me to compete well in a triathlon - in a few months.

HERE'S THE KEY: The better fitness is the inevitable side effect - not the goal.

This switch in perception and motivation has made all of the difference for me and that is why I do tris.

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