Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear three donuts I ate this morning

You were looking oh so sweet as you peeked through the plastic window in the otherwise green and white Krispy Kreme bag those first two times I passed by you on my way to the coffee.

My plan was to avoid you in my quest to make my fat jeans loose jeans. (A very recent discovery.)

But something happened between breakfast and lunch. It wasn't your doughy allure, though, on that third trip that prompted me to pluck you away from the others. I just got hungry. Plain and simple.

Normally, eating one of your kind has more to do with having a hankerin' for something sweet, a state in which I find myself most of the time.

But today, it was all about business. You were a means to an end, and nothing more. I was able to mollify those hunger pangs and go on to eat an otherwise healthy-in-terms-of-me lunch, dinner and snack.

However, chin up there, donuts. If someone brings more of you in to the office tomorrow, I'll gladly tumble off the wagon and fall into your loving arms again and not give another thought to those jeans.

It's what I do.

Sincerely yours,


Meredith said...

Love this. Those donuts are probably so grateful you plucked them off the shelf.

Lora said...

They should be, and they even got a letter from me to boot. What donut gets that?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Were they boston cremes? I has a serious weakness for boston creme donuts, I dont care for any other kind

Lora said...

I'm not even sure of their name. They're the donuts with almost a black shell coating. The Boston Cremes are amazing, too. Heck, I'll seriously eat anything with sugar.

Michael said...

That's funny :D I just recommended the hiring of a plant psychologist to a gardener who's garden didn't produce much this year (he was not around to water them much but I suggested they go lonely too). He put them in a box and just "expected" them to produce. I'm wondering if he did that with his kids too. Hum. Well, nice article anyway.

Lora said...

Ha ha. Thanks, Michael.


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