Sunday, January 23, 2011

One way dogs and triathlon don't mix

"Do you know what that could be?" my husband asked me as I walked into the house after work, laptop slugged over my tired right shoulder, handbag and lunchbag clasped together in my left hand.

His hand gestured to little, white plastic pieces gathered on the kitchen table that he'd picked up off the floor; evidence gathered for me for an investigation I was too tired to pursue.

I managed to exhale, knowing what had happened, just not knowing the answer to his question.

"Not again," I sighed.

It was our Great Dane. She had decided to have an adventure while we were at work. Last time, she'd chewed up some electrical tape, the time before that she'd had some fun with my sunglasses. She was clearly upping the stakes lately, choosing newer items over her old standbys: paper towels.

At first glance, I had no idea what she'd gotten into.

A few minutes later, after having settled in some, I went upstairs. The answer to my husband's question could be found lying on the floor of my office. It was my brand new Marshall University ball cap, one my mother had just given to me as a Christmas gift.

"Oh, man!" I managed to exclaim as I picked it off the floor. "That was my favorite ball cap," I said to my husband as I came down the steps. "That was the best-fitting hat I've owned in years."

I should have known better than to leave it lying out. She'd gotten a hold of my other favorite ball cap in 2004, but I was able to learn about her mischief and coax her out of the bite before the chewing got too out of control.

So, my husband and I just shook our heads and started laughing about the situation.

She must have known that we were talking about her, though, because when I went in to pet her, she was hiding her face behind her blanket, sheepishly. As if by hiding her face, I'd miss the 120 lb. animal laying on my bed.

As frustrating as losing my new, favorite ball cap was, nothing beats the time she drank half the oil out of the Fry Daddy when she was a pup. Poor thing was smacking her lips and tongue for the next two days.

Well, maybe it's a renewed sense of adventure she's discovered come to think of it.


Jess @ THIR said...

My dogs dob on each other if they steal something of mine. Quite a good deal I think!
It saves stuff before it gets too ruined!
Although one dog did have a crack at a cycling shoe one day....

Lora Abernathy said...

That really is quite a deal! As annoying as it is, I wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

Molly said...

Ha! Maybe she wants to go for a run with you next time :-)

Lora Abernathy said...

Who knows with that girl? She's good and walked so I've been hopeful she has less energy to burn. No such luck.


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