Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm just not that into it afterall I suppose

It was going to become my tradition.

My first triathlon was a women's only, .25-mile swim, 12-mile bike and 2-mile run. It was the inaugural Tri for the Cure and it was a life changing day for me. As soon as I finished the race, I began thinking of finishing it the next year - with better times.

I signed up for it again the following year and killed it. I improved my time overall by approximately 25%. Another great day at Alum Creek.

I was planning on always doing this triathlon no matter what my schedule, to establish it as my own, little, triathlon tradition.

I went to register for it recently, wanting to take advantage of the early registration prices, only to discover that the early registration fee, that had been $45, was now $65.

So much for saving money.

I understand costs go up for businesses. I understand that 75% of the money goes toward a good cause. I understand that, compared to other regions in this great country, pricing for triathlon registration fees is very good to us here in Ohio.

I also believe in the free market. This is a good race company, but they've increased the price past my threshold. So, as a result, I have taken this race off my schedule.

If I were to sign up for this Sprint race on race day, the price would be the same as my half iron distance race later on this year.

So much for a tradition being born.

I'm optimistic, though. Another jewel of a race could catch my eye, or I might just do an open water swim race that I might not have done had this been on my schedule.

Give me a cloud, I'll give you a silver lining.

Give me a price increase like that, I won't give you my dollars.


Bill G said...

Sometimes you just have to make that call. We had a local sprint that I can train on the course any day of the week and they wanted $65 or maybe more.

No thanks - to ride and run around my neighborhood. I understand all the logistics and agree that a fee is necessary - but just not to me!

Missy said...

Some of these race directors have become very proud of their events.

ciro foster said...

Effectively, it seems to me a little more expensive. In Italy (due probably to a minus accurate organization) there are some cheaper events!
effectively 1/2 cost!ciao.

Beth said...

I'm sure you will find a new race tradition that suits you. That's too bad that they increased the price by so much. I hope the rest of your training is going well.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I also hope your training is going well. We've seen some price increases in Wisconsin too.

Are you heading out to CA for GOTRIbal fest?

Colleen said...

I thought of doing it as well and I too am not because of price. It's sad to say, but the increase was just too much. :(

There is a sprint the next day at Alum for $65. Still same race company and pretty much the same course, but obviously it's not the Tri for a Cure.

Also, did you know that there's another women's only tri on 6/12 at Alum. MIght be worth a shot! :)

Ulyana said...

Oh, I'm totaly with you on this one!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awww, that sucks :(

Marketing Gurl said...

Yeah I agree, but I think on to the next race...always ready for the next one! Good job though!

Stuart said...

Woah that's a big hike nearly 50%, do you get 50% more...I think not. Good call!

cheryl said...

you can still swim, bike and run without entering races...I have done that for over 28 years. Do your own "tri" some weekend. You will still feel good about yourself!
Go to the races close to home and when you can save enough $ start venturing out.
Who needs more t-shirts anyway? :-)


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