Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow! I didn't expect THAT!

I registered for a Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving morning. I wanted to go in to lunch with a big appetite and a little freedom to indulge more than usual.

They were also sponsoring a 10K. Since I'm well-trained for that distance, too, I signed up for it.  Afterall, three more miles would equal twice the freedom to indulge.

The race itself was great. It was about 40 degrees, sunny and through some beautiful parts of town. I ran the whole race with a girl named Shelli. We had the same pace and kept each other motivated.

Around the four-mile mark, I started getting strong hunger pains, making me long for Thanksgiving lunch even more.  Directly after the race, I was able to eat two mini bagels to help alleviate the immediate hunger.

I drove home, put some corn on the stove while I changed clothes, and Gary and I headed over to his aunt's. After the prayer was given, I loaded up my plate and began eating.  This was the moment I'd been dreaming of for weeks.

I like to take my time eating, savoring every bite, but I found myself eating very, very slowly. I was enjoying the tastes of the food, but I wasn't very hungry. I did eventually go have seconds, but I waited about 30 minutes before doing so. I ate that food very slowly, too.

I certainly did not expect THAT to happen to me. I was expecting this race to create a partnership between my hunger and the wonderful food that would mollify it.  Instead, it created a cool distance between the two, one that left me disappointed that I couldn't fully enjoy my favorite holiday of the year.

From what I understand, it can be hard to eat solid foods after long distances, but six miles is hardly a long distance, so I don't know exactly what was up with my physiology that day.

However, next year I'll just schedule a long training day the day before Thanksgiving and skip any Turkey Trots. The relationship between my appetite and a Thanksgiving feast is something that is way too important.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The way things ought to be

Every day should be sunny. Every day should have temperatures in the 70s. Every day I should feel motivated to train. Every day should be injury free. Every day I should have time to train. Every day I should be able to have a productive workout.

That's the way things outta be.

That is, however, not the way things are.

Each Monday the last few weeks, I've felt like that was going to be the week that I would get back into my training routine. Well, it never happened.

Tonight, this new Monday, my anticipation of 70 degree temperatures, coupled with the feeling of my loose jeans not being nearly quite as loose, would serve as perfect motivation to get me out and running. It was on!

The office door closed behind me at 5:30 p.m. Instead of a somewhat sunny sky greeting me, a pink sunset fading behind the shadowy horizon was my welcoming landscape. "Oh, crap" I managed to mutter as I shuffled to my car, completely devastated about the potential of my dream run.

Not totally wanting to give up hope, I thought, "I can just immediately go home and throw on different clothes and running shoes and at least spend 5 minutes running in some light."

But because negative thoughts are skilled at reaching further within your mind and becoming buddies with the other negative thoughts that had been just below the surface, I began to think about all the things I had to do this evening that would destroy the run totally. I absolutely had to have tonight more dog food (a trip to TSC) and coffee for tomorrow morning (a second trip, this one to Wal Mart). I should probably make dinner, but I've got a pile of dishes to clean...yada, yada, yada.

A little background: Up until a few months ago, I worked from home. I could do all of my training during the day if I wanted...and I did want.

I've since gone back to work full time and I'm completely happy about it. I've got a dream job that challenges and excites me and I really enjoy the people with whom I work. Now that it's darker in the evenings, I'm just having a harder time adjusting.

I do know that I will win this battle. When I started working full time again this summer, I was faced with the challenge of training in the evenings instead of during the day - and it was beautiful and sunny in the evenings!

I struggled with finding my motivation for a bit, but then I eventually found my groove. Now that it's darker out, life has just decided to shake things up a bit.

Though I've realized it in parts before, it really hit me as I pulled into Wal Mart that perfect circumstances rarely line up, that they are the exception, not the rule, and it is working around the things that won't work around you that are the keys to moving forward. Finding opportunity in the unscheduled, erratic demands of life is what I need to remember as I head into the dark, cold and quiet winter.

You know, at the end of the day it comes down to me answering one very simple question: "Do you want to train or don't you?" The answer is easily, "Yes, I do!"


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